plan for a soundboard?

Im trying to make myself a soundboard because I'm tired of having speakers that are not compatible. i would like to have a 3.5 mm audio jack and RCA audio inputs. Switches so i can choose which input I want to use. I then want to have a 3.5 mm audio jack, RCA audio, and bare speaker wires as outputs. I also will need an amplifier for when the input is a an IPOD for example. And to amplify the sound through the bare speaker wires. I'm not exactly sure how to wire it all but here is my plan. 

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thegeeke5 years ago
Ever consider something like this with some cheap adapters?  That would probably be cheaper than making it, but if you are looking to make it for the experience, then what I can tell from your diagram it should work, only I have two suggestions:  1. Take the amp out of your Mp3 line... leave that at the end.  2. add pots instead of switches to each of your channels... it will be worth it.

Any questions... feel free to ask me... I made something similar (a few extra features though...) a while ago... so I should be able to give tips if you need them.  :)
chance633 (author)  thegeeke5 years ago
I would like to make it for the experience. Right now I'm working on a simple mixer with just a few inputs and no volume control. I would like something like that you linked, but i would like to make one that has multiple outputs.(I'm trying to use all of my speakers efficiently). The only problem is i do not know how to wire an amplifier.
thegeeke5 years ago
Reply to your previous comment:

I'm glad to hear you want to do it for the experience... In regard to the amp: are you building the amp, or are you using a pre-made amp? If your building your own: most amp ICs generally have three basic inputs/outputs: power in (see specs for requirements), audio in, and audio out. (So the output from your source goes to audio in, then your audio out pins go to your speaker terminals.)

If you are using a pre-made amp, post the model number and/or pics, and I'll try and help you with that. (It should be similar to what I discribed for an amp IC.)

Good luck! :)
chance633 (author)  thegeeke5 years ago
I would like to use a pre-made one. But i have no experience in amps and I'm not sure what to look for, perhaps you could link a few to your next reply?
Could you list some specs of your speakers? Specifically how many Ohms and what the wattage is. A good place to start might be this one:

Although I don't think it is totally pre-assembled, it shouldn't be hard to assemble.

Another one if you don't need stereo would be here:

Again, I don't think it's totally assembled, but it is a kit, so there should be detailed instructions.

The nice thing about these kits, is that it will give you a better understanding of amps. :)

I'll do some research on some totally pre-made amps (I don't know of any specifically for what you are doing off of the top of my head), but those specs would help me find something for you.

Good luck! :)
chance633 (author)  thegeeke5 years ago
I have a set of 5.1 computer speakers (i will be using 3 3.5 mm jacks for these). and i have 2 home stereo speakers that are 40 watts and 6 Ohms
Your computer speakers are probably powered. (I have never seen computer speakers that weren't powered.) Therefore, you will not need an amp for those, you just need to find a way of getting power to them. (If they are battery powered, then you're set, if it uses an AC plug, at some point it converts to DC... you just need to find that point and hook batteries after that point.)

The stereo amp I posted earlier should work for your home stereo speakers... it might be a little soft, in which case, you could (in theory) hook them up in parallel. (You could try in series, but I'm pretty sure that would cause clipping.)

Anything better than the link above that I was able to find was model k106 at this site:

I've never used them before, and the site looks pretty cheap, but WOT didn't find anything wrong with them, so they're probably reputable.
chance633 (author)  thegeeke5 years ago
the computer speakers i have run off of the sub, which acts as the amp and distributor for the other speakers. and those plug into a wall outlet so i wont need to run power through this board for them.
OK. So you should be set... it's just a matter of getting am amp for your other speakers. Let me know if you have any other questions. :)
chance633 (author)  thegeeke5 years ago
i know for the volume control i will need resistors but i am not sure exactly what to use. any ideas?
Use a pot.

This one is stereo:
chance633 (author)  thegeeke5 years ago
Thank you for all of your help. I'll tell you how it all works out once I'm finished.
No problem! I look forward to hearing how it works out! :) Good luck!