please, can somebody show me how to build a tantra chair?

I want to Build  a tantra chair 100% wood, so I want to know the best way to do it.

Best regards and tks in advance

Picture of please, can somebody show me how to build a tantra chair?
lizbryant885 years ago
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static6 years ago
What's the matter the Liberator furniture line too expensive? :) You could start with this video. Warning it may not be for tender ears, sorryIf I where to start from scratch I'd try to find a photo of one of the chairs that is a square side shot, so I could lay graph paper over it to be able to duplicate the contours. You ar going to have to make some guesses on the dimensions, but shouldn't be that hard. Another easier way to get a patten for the would be have someone lay on on a piece of cardboard, so you can trace it out. Good luck,and have fun.
frollard6 years ago
1) build a frame.
2) upholster it...