plexiglass glue adhesive

I've been hunting for an adhesive or glue to build projects out of plexiglass.  The clear plastic available in many local hardware stores.  Talking to the stores I have been directed to purchase glues that they stock, but these never provide me with the bonding I am looing for.  I suppose what I am looking for is a chemical weld similar to what you get working with pvc and the glues available for those water tight seals.

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rickharris7 years ago
Acrylic (plexy glass) is welded with a solvent glue.

In the UK Tensol is the generally used option but any solvent - Tensol is made of BENZOYL PEROXIDE  but there are a number of solvents that melt plexy glass (acylic.)  Enquire at a local sign maker.

The secret is very flat smooth edges. there must be a good contact or the glue will not get a grip. One version has thickening agents added - normally small amounts of acrylic dissolved in the tensol, this makes the glue a better gap filler but for fine neat work the water thin stuff applied with a brush to the joint is best.

jeff-o7 years ago
I have also used various Weld-On products for various types of plastic.  Check out weld-on's website, they have a guide that helps you select the best type of glue for the plastic you have.
I've seen a two-pack plexiglass glue, used for assembling nuclear glove boxes. I'll try and find the name of it.

Burf7 years ago
I use Weld-On #3 applied with syringe. Its as thin as water and wicks into the joint for a nearly invisible seam.
Make sure the joints are well fitted and clean and the bond is quite rapid. I usually tape the  pieces together with masking tape before gluing and remove once the glue has completely set.
What you're looking for is a solvent-based glue made especially for plexi. Weld-On #3 is the brand I have used in the past with excellent results. Google "Weld-on Plexiglass glue" for suppliers.
I used it to make a giant fake ice block with a life-sized alien puppet inside it for a show several years ago, and the block held up to the rigors of being schlepped on and off stage, and manhandled by actors for the entire 30-performance run with no cracks or popped welds. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly for the best results.