posting 2 identical instructables?

What are the community's thoughts on posting 2 identical Instructables in 2 different categories?
I have only come across 2 instances that this has happened and I a, wondering what others think.

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Don't post two identical instrructables just pick the category it best matches if you can't decide ask some else to. If you post two identical an instructables staff member could delet it

iceng3 years ago

Dunsel Query !

Why would you do that? Yes many instructables are suitable for multiple categories. Just pick the best one for it and put it there. Only post it again if you make some significant changed to the project that warrant a new instructable.

JM1999 (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago

On this sort of topic, what category would you put a question about Istructables in?

I put it in TECH-COMPUTERS because Instructables is on a computer.

You would submit both an the one with the higher views you would keep an delete the other one.

(P.S. If any of my posts are missing the letter "D" it is because my keyboar isn't working right)

Kiteman3 years ago

There's no point, you're just splitting your views. In the long term, most traffic comes to a particular project via searches (key words, body text), rather than browsing a particular category.