potato cannon airsoft mortar ammo?

I recently built a pneumatic potato cannon, and i would like to use it in airsoft as a mortar of sorts. anyone have any ideas of something i could shoot that would cause splash damage when it hits the ground? cause i dont wanna have to hit someone directly, or hurt them......

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meanbean4 years ago
Nerf pocket vortex footballs seem to be the ammunition of choice, but you could just fill a water balloon with red paint and bbs!
Hitman2274 years ago
Get a fire cracker (black cat of bigger) and cut the fuse to only a cm or so. Get a pezo-electric igniter and a plastic easter egg or contianer of the interal barell diameter. Get some epoxy and cut a hole in the front of the easter egg and glue the rectangular black button housing into the hole use some fine wire and using as little as possible, secure the two wires to the firecracker. Place some model magic clay or some other padded substance on the end of the button. Now wieght down the end of the egg by placing plasticene in the inside tip of the egg, just enogh so when you fire the igniter "clicks"(dont fire with the fire cracker in it). Now pour 20-30 airsoft bb's in the other end and close the egg. Fire!
use a sabou.
gcoop91975 years ago
Tape a bunch of the firecracker size snap things everyone has on the 4th of July to the inside of an easter egg
bandos5 years ago
here how you do it get a easter egg  fill it with airsoft bbs then use a rubber band seal it the put a put news paper behind it (make sure away from ignitoin) then let it lahnch
... Nice!
Awesome idea, i mite just have to use that XD 
An Orange maby??
or a watter balloon half filled?