power LED strips via car battery?

I've got a little project where I'm installing RGB LED strip lights in and around my car. They are 5 volts strips and looks like it'll require up to 10 to 12 amps for the total installation. Can I use the car battery to power this? If so, how do I go about doing this?

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FarmerKJS3 years ago

yes. you will need a really big power regulater or a bunch of small ones.

anuvanoob (author)  FarmerKJS3 years ago

looks like you're right. I can't get a big regulator here in time for my project, but I can get a bunch of small ones. Do I connect all 6 small regulators directly to the car battery? I imagine that's bad practice

no i would split up the strands of lights and divide it between the regulators if you dont know how to do it just tell me

you don't need regulators.

for 5 volt LED strips off of a 12 volt battery i am confused? but maybe all 7th graders are confused?

Look and learn then...

look and learn what?

Here's the diode method.


run them in series pairs, on 12volts, and put two forward biased diodes in series with each pair.