problems with slingshot

For a slingshot made of a branch, even if there is moss/algae on it, can i just tape around the branch and ta-da! a slingshot is formed?

Matt214978 years ago
Well varnishing and glueing shouldnt affect the strenght so just wrap that branch. Instant slingshot Just add Water.
sharlston8 years ago
just take of all the algae and bark then mix white glue and water then paint it on then varnish trust me it always works ps select me as best answer
ericm2478 years ago
Well depends how much strength does the branch have. If it is skinny, i don`t recommend using it. If the algae has spread to were the surgical tubing is going to be at, DO NOT ATTACH ANY KIND OF ELASTIC.

The branch might not be to strong enough to wisthand the force, and may cause injury.

Shave all the algae/moss off and ta-da! newly formed branch. =]

Tape around it, and it should be good to shoot.