ps3 blue light?

My ps3 has had a ylod and i have fixed this with the oven fix which is great! Now it turns on and everything but.... and theres always a but, my blu-ray drive accepts and ejects discs but when there in there it just flashes blue, clicks, light goes out, flashes blue, click....and so on.... so what the hell is happening here?
i might add that i have done the oven fix before on this ps3 a couple times and now iv added an extra fan onto the bottom, powered from the brown and black wires from the cpu fan! 

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Flashing blue light does mean disk loading error
Xmortx114145 (author)  daredevil4995 years ago
So does this mean the laser has gone or the ribbon? I dont really wanna buy parts for it to still not work you see??
Xmortx114145 (author)  Xmortx1141455 years ago
Also does that apply if it switches off? Not the ps3 just the drive? As i said it flashes blue then clicks off and starts again...?
Let me get this straight... The drive switches of, not the console?
Will It still read the disc?
Xmortx114145 (author)  daredevil4995 years ago
Okay they console turns on, all normal, put the disk in and blue light flashes about 1-2 secs then clicks and the blue light goes away, then the blue light starts to flash again and click it goes away.... This all happens while the console is on and working as it should but as far as i can tell the drive isnt spinning up or reading it at all! And the dashboard on the ps3 isnt showing the disc like it would if it had read it! Just find it odd that its not working after a ylod fix as iv done nothing to the drive and about 2 years ago the laser had been replaced so i wouldnt have thought it was that! I was playing a game when the ylod occured... Dunno if thats relevant?
If it's not spinning the motor isn't working. is it a 60 GB launch model?
Xmortx114145 (author)  daredevil4995 years ago
it is... i think lol its a cechc03 the hard drive has been upgraded so.... i had it given to me when the laser last went because the person bought a new one and was going to throw this one away, outrageous i know! anyway i dont mind replacing the whole drive if that sorts it but basically i dont want to do that if its a problem on the mainboard or iv damaged the ribbon!
If it doesn't load any discs it requires service, but if will load some discs there is a corruption on the hard drive. If it will load some discs Go to safe mode(in the other comment) and choose option 3(restore file system), if that doesn't work go back to safe mode and choose option 5(restore ps3 system). If you need to do that make sure you back everything up onto a flash drive or something, or you will lose everything. I hope this helps.:D
Xmortx114145 (author)  daredevil4995 years ago
What do you mean by service? New laser? New drive?
Xmortx114145 (author)  Xmortx1141455 years ago
I havent tried either yet because im at work lol but i will do when i get home and let you know how it goes!
Xmortx114145 (author)  Xmortx1141455 years ago
just tried the file restore and no change lol ill try the full restore next...
Xmortx114145 (author)  Xmortx1141455 years ago
just noticed it wont pick up wireless controllers either??? maybe ill try another reflow and see if that solves it... maybe i moved it too soon...
Xmortx114145 (author)  Xmortx1141455 years ago
Okay it didnt work! Im going to try a new ribbon and see what happens there and if that dont work then its about time i get a new ps3 i think!
your problem is common with this model.
try this. with the console turned off hold the power button and don't let go until you hear a double beep. you will be asked to connect your controller with a usb. a list will appear. choose restore system file. it is the third one down. after it is complete th system will restart. then try putting a disc in the drive.
The blue light means There's A disk in the drive. maybe the flashing means your drive is going bad