question on an unknown super Nintendo accessory

when i got my super nintendo i bought it used and it came with the little box in the picture. i can't find anything about it online. on the box end it looks like a computer gameport and on the other end its a snes controller plug it seas total control. an answer as to what it is will be greatly appreciated.

Picture of question on an unknown super Nintendo accessory
WhatULive46 years ago
I can't find much, but they made the same thing for the Genesis.
aelias366 years ago
Can we have a better picture of the sticker, please?
mr.mountaineer (author)  aelias366 years ago
Here's a scan of the label
Total Controll.JPG
Burf6 years ago
That's a game cartridge adapter for a series of sports base games, baseball, basketball, etc. I don't recall the manufacturer's name. It also came originally, with an overlay for the Nintendo screen that had the outline of the game field for each specific game.