rabbit (alice year old) is very thin how do i get her to gain weight??

she lives with 2 other female rabbits, i see her eating all the time, she eats all the fruits and vegis i give her, i felt her spine and it is very bony (i can feel the outline of her spine and ribs) they live outside, all the others (including another rabbit we have separated from the 3 due to her going after them) are nice a plump, i can sorta feel their soine but its nothing like alices, what are some foods i can give her to help her weight, would alfalfa hay be OK to mix in her hay?

she might have worms, you need to take her to a vet and they will give a squirt of strongid in ther mouth to get rid of worms.
four bunnies (author)  thematthatter4 years ago
i looked up online and multiple resorses said that there would be worms around her butt and in her poop, i dont think and hope she doesnt have worms, but how would she get worms in the middle of winter? wouldnt all the nasty stuff be dead or at least suttle this time of year (she lives in a hutch outside)