rack and pinion?

hello everyone 
im trying to design a minature working slat drive system taken from an airbusA320
the problem i have is locating a curved rack 
does anyone know where i might find one or the best way to make one 
i can get the pinion and motor etc its just the track
ive included a diagram so you can see how it all works 
its driving me mad!!

Picture of rack and pinion?
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nicelly5 years ago
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Bend one ! You can get plastic rack that you could form around the arm, or you could literally bend it with a three roll bender - though I'd bend a pair of racks mounted tooth to tooth - keep the one with the teeth on the outside of the curve. The other is sacrificial.

Or get one laser cut, if you can get away with a wooden or plastic one.

Or get one wire-cut, ifyou want a precision metal job.
madaboutjets (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
ultimately id like to cut the teeth in my self directly onto the arm as its a precision mechansim i cant afford it failing or snagging
how difficult is it to make a rack?
Rack cutting is a specialist job, usually done industrially by planing the teeth. For small quantities, wire-edm is the only way to do this.

madaboutjets (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
I think that method hadn't practical to me ad I don't have the equipment
I'm experimenting with belts from an old printer and trying that out !

If you have a Tech Shop close to you, a laser cutter could get you whatever bend and teeth you need.
Re-design5 years ago
Get a toothed drive belt and gear then glue the belt to a wood/plastic/metal arm that's cut to the correct shape. You can get them online at surplus parts sites.
madaboutjets (author)  Re-design5 years ago
i like that idea
so just a case of epoxying a section onto the arm and hay presto

And yet you say
....precision mechansim i cant afford it failing or snagging......