I'm trying to find best way add labels under buttons for my DIY electronics project. I've been filling laser etched letters with acrylic pain, but it's huge pain in the arse.  So I'm thinking of using vinyl letters instead. Has anyone used any services that can do small custom letter on the cheap?  Any recommendations?

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AndyGadget1 year ago
Have a look at THIS Instructable by tomward.

It involves laser printing onto overhead transparency film (in reverse) and then sticking this, printed  side down, on the case.  I've just done some experimentation and the results are looking really good.  I'll be using the method on a forthcoming project.
rickharris1 year ago
Laser or ink jet print them and put a clear sticky label or tape over the top then glue in place - cheapest option
rickharris1 year ago
As another idea etch the labels in a small bit of PCB and attach.
rickharris1 year ago
Spray paint a bit of acrylic to fit where label has to go. Laser etch the label in the paint - remembering to do it backwards.

turn label over and attach. I can take a picture of an example if you need it.
Kiteman1 year ago
Hang on, why have you asked exactly the same question as Bratan?
Kiteman1 year ago
Back in the stone age, we used to make small, neat labels with Letraset:
rickharris1 year ago
Local sign writer can cut vinyl letters from large to very small.
PS posting same question with a different name isn't going to get you a different answer.
Dymo Letratag label maker with metalic tapes.
Try wax crayon in the letters instead.

The traditional method was "Letraset", back in the day.

We're using special labelling film from MegaUK