recovering data from or saving a failed hard drive?

The hard drive got pulled out of my computer while it was on sleep mode and when I tried to turn it back on, it seemed like it was gonna work but a few seconds after windows (7) loaded it crashed, now every time i get the blue screen but it wont show long enough for me to get any info off of it. As far as I can tell it seems to still work but it cant load windows. If i can't save it, is there any cheap way I can recover data off of it? (pictures/music/minecraft saves) 

It is a WD Caviar Black 500gb
Model is WD5001AALS

Vyger4 years ago
boot from the windows install DVD and have it fix the MBA of the drive. Second choice is to run the install/repair and let it reinstall if it needs to.
Jimmy Proton (author)  Vyger4 years ago
Thanks, I'll try that
iceng4 years ago
Get a new boot drive and set the dying drive as secondary
now read and save what you can.
Jimmy Proton (author)  iceng4 years ago
Just bought a 500gb VelociRaptor to replace it, thanks for the tip. Well see how it goes when I get it running