remove deep scratches from a wooden floor?

our furniture has left some deep scratches in our wooden floor, is there a way to fix this without costing a lot of money? 

if it only scratched the coating on the wood you might try sanding the scratches and then coating it in polyurethane.

rickharris3 months ago

Is it a dent or a scratch?

Dents may come out if you put a cloth over the dent and iron with a steam iron.

Scratches you have 3 choices,

1. Sand back the wood surface until you get below the scratches - This assumes the wood is thick enough for you to do that.

2. Fill the scratch with, wood filler or wax polish. match filler to wood of course.

3 Call it character and learn to live with it. If you see any old wooden floor they all have markes as wood is relativly soft.

iceng rickharris3 months ago


A dent only compress wood fiber..

A scratch actually removes material..

bwrussell3 months ago

There are various types and qualities of wood floor fillers out there. You'll have to do a little research to choose the best application and color match for you.

The best way to fix it would be refinishing the floors and putting the filler in at that point but that's more expensive.