replaced top screen on Nintendo DS Lite and it comes on dark, why?

I replaced top screen on a Nintendo DS Lite and when I power it up it's is dim as if there's no light or limited light from it. When I try the old broken screen it comes up fully lit up. I've tried two replacement screens and they both do the same thing. I could use some help.

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Hulsmans8 years ago
just plug the cables in, but push it a little harder, so it clicks in. PS: srry for my bad english
dombeef8 years ago
Push the piece in all the way
maxmor2 (author) 8 years ago
Thank you for trying!
winslow1218 years ago
does this hapen on game boy games and ds games???
maxmor2 (author)  winslow1218 years ago
It happens before I can even insert a game, as soon as its powered up.
im sorry i dont know anything else