replacing grover tuning machines with planet waves?

has anyone replaced the grover tuning machines on an epiphone les paul with the planet waves auto trim tuners and had a problem with them fitting the holes in the headstock from the grovers? If so how do I solve this problem? thanks

gmoon6 years ago
The new tuning machines are larger than the holes? There are a few ways to enlarge the existing holes:

1) with a drill bit (use a drill press!)
2) with a reamer--it's a tapered tool specific for the job. Examples from stewmac.
3) use a standard, fine-tooth rat-tail file.

When I replaced the standard Gibson tuners with Grovers on my LP (over 30 yrs ago), I just used a rat-tail file. I'd probably buy a reamer to do the job today, though.
travisw (author) 6 years ago
bought a reamer tool from Harbor Freight for like 3.50 worked great no mars or cracked finish and a nice snug fit. It takes cahones to remove wood from a Les Paul, so if anyone else does this, be prepared, something could go wrong, just take your time
gmoon travisw6 years ago
Harbor Freight's a great place for stuff like that.

Glad it worked out.
travisw (author)  gmoon6 years ago
yes indeed, thanks for your input