robot that talks back ?

Hi so i'm building a Robot controlled by voice using my android phone and HC-05 Serial Bluetooth Module(Hi so i'm building a Robot controlled by voice using my android phone and HC-05 Serial Bluetooth Module so my question is how can i make the robot talk back to me ) so my question is how can i make the robot talk back to me simple things for exemple when i talk to the robot using my phone it will say YES SIR or tell jokes 

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rickharris2 years ago

1. You will need to store the phrases you want the robot to say to you

2. You will need to select the right one in your programming

3. You will need to send it via your blue tooth link.

Storing audio is best done with an MP3 module there are versions around that allow microprocessor control.

The rest is about experimenting and programming - None of which anyone else can help you with because were are not there.

If you want your robot to talk back in a free speech manner, then your going to need a speech module, again it will operate under microprocessor control. this uses speech phonemes to form words.

Thinking further about this I am not sure what you wanting.

Do you think a robot with a voice will be really cool

Or do you want the robot to be able to communicate things to you

If the latter then fit an LCD screen and use text it is going to be a lot easier.

Remember that communicating doesn't necessarily mean a voice - take R2D2 for example.

omarb22 (author)  rickharris2 years ago

no i just want it to say phrases automatically after i talk to it using my phone like this one ( but how can i program it and what parts do i need

Ok so you have half a solution now go back and read my comment above. Exactly HOW I don't know and am not going to google for you. You will need to experiment and start with simple things then build up your skill as you go.

iceng2 years ago

What is your programming skill set ?

Are you a friend of Siri ?

omarb22 (author)  iceng2 years ago

i have 2 months experience with arduino and what do you mean by Are you a friend of Siri ?

iceng omarb222 years ago

In 6 weeks you should be a reasonably capable coder.

Apple's Siri is the pleasant iPhone voice that answers your questions.

Instruct her to call you Sexi-Sir and tell you a joke :)

omarb22 (author)  iceng2 years ago

yeah i know Siri but how can i use it with my robot

iceng omarb222 years ago

Using a bluetooth mike to your robot and capture key-words like halt, go, back, jog, left, right, (No Ss sounds ) etc.. Every sequence of words starting with Sssiri or Sssonia or Sssandy would pass the bluetooth audio to the iPhone inside your robot and amplify Siri's responses.

Hiss sounds are very easy to differentiate using a high pass op-amp filter.

This would appear to bystanders as a responsive robot talking back to you while following your movement commands.

Or you could use a single hand RC motor control while still talking to Siri and amplify her responses.

When you do robots you need imagination !!

Kiteman2 years ago

You should start by browsing/searching the Technology section: