rubber bands; Stretchy not stretchy?

Assuming we are using the same amount of both, is it better to use small rubber bands that stretch to there fullest on the length of the gun or thick rubber bands that stretch over the full length of the gun?

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=SMART=8 years ago
With smaller ones you will get more distance and power as they will be fully stretched and have more energy stored
NYPA8 years ago
don't forget strength. smaller bands will break easier.
finfan78 years ago
Small ones stretch farther and a certain number of them are as powerful as a big one which means that they have the same strength but with more distance to apply the force (accelerate). Small rubber bands in larger numbers also add redundancy; if one breaks there is minimal loss of force.
An Villain8 years ago
you need long-ish and very stretchy for the magazine pusher for less friction and i would suggest thick and short like #64 rubber bands
THESTU8 years ago
Smaller ones
Small ones can be slowly stretched larger if too small... small elastics are best
6uo4b8 years ago
Larger, thinner ones give accuracy, while short ones provide brute force.
ajleece8 years ago
one large or few small. adding more large increases the power by heaps but if you add a small the power icreases slowly so you can fine tune