running a marathon with a camcorder-How to??

can i mount a camcorder on my shoulder with straps (or duct tape)  and run 26.2 miles through beautiful mountain ranges.  Hands must be free. Any suggestions?!

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paganwonder8 years ago
5th generation ipod nano- takes video and would be very easy to mount on a hat.
Marsh8 years ago
 I use a Vholdr Countour HD helmet cam for this kind of thing. You can get one for about $150.00 and it's made to take impacts.
Shoulder or helmet-mount, your picture is going to be very bouncy unless you have some serious stabilization going on. Could be nausea-inducing, even. There are any number of software products that can help with this, but their effectiveness may vary. Best to stabilize the camera physically as much as possible first.
If what you want out of this is 26.2 miles worth of nice scenery, rather than a record of you running a marathon, you'd be much better off with a bicycle or car-mount which includes a gyroscope or some such stabilizing thingy. Otherwise, go with the helmet-mounted lipstick cam and hope for the best.
Re-design8 years ago
Use a helmet cam.  Have you talked to the promoters of the race?  I doubt that they'll allow it for safety reasons.
I suspect that head-mounting would give a steadier picture.  That would mean a camcorder with a separate video input jack, and a small "lipstick" style camera attached to a hat or glasses.  Or a very small flash camcorder.  Maybe this instructable will have some ideas: