rustoleum epoxy appliance paint on wood?

Hello all, I'm building a DIY wood aquarium conopy/hood and I'm thinking of using Rust-Oleum appliance spray paint for the interior, was wondering if anyone has every used it on wood? Or any suggestions for aquarium hood interior paint. Thinking of either that or using some white spray paint and then a top coat of spar urethane? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

If you want the wood sealed you could use normal fibreglass resin that you dilute with 5-10% with acetone.
Like this it will be able to penetrate the wood and once cured you can add a layer of paint you like.

thedudeabides80 (author)  Downunder35m1 year ago
Thanks for the reply, I might have to check into that. Really was thinking the two things I listed as far as being price effective.