salivary glands?

How can you make them work better using your tounge

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iceng5 years ago
You have two such glands under your tongue, GZNG has an ible
that interestingly turns your glands into squirt guns for fun and
explains .how can you make them work better..

rickharris5 years ago
Suck a lemon or Lime
I thought that was for the teaching of how to pronounce in Francis.
:-) ... / -- /.. / . -.. /.

Aggh no spell checker for Morse!

.=E                  .-=A    .--=W    .---=J      -.=N    -.--=Y   --.-=Q

..=I     ---=O   ..-=U     .-.=R      .--.=P    -.-=K   -..-=X    --..=Z

...=S   --=M  ...-=V                    .-..=L     -..=D   -...=B    --.=G

....=H    -=T                               .. -.=F                -.-.=C

ssimon96 (author)  rickharris5 years ago
Thank you. I just cut a lemon and we will see if it helps.
canucksgirl5 years ago
Certain foods will make your mouth produce more saliva... other than that, I'm not sure there's a way to make them "work better", unless you are having an issue with "dry mouth" which can be caused by dehydration, illness or even certain medications... If that's the case, drink more water and/or visit a doctor. :-)