salvaged parts: instructable ideas?

I found a nonfunctional UPS at a church yard sale and was able to salvage the following items: 1 class h transformer (about 5 cubic inches if that means anything) 1network transient protector plug-in 4 4 x 3 aluminum plate heat sinks 4 6v 11a gel-cell pb acid batteries and the circuit board may have some components that aren't fried too. anything practical would be great.

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any chance you could include pictures of the stuff?
conrad24688 years ago
TESLA COIL! use the transformer and search Tesla coil on here....
akosin8 years ago
travis7s8 years ago
Transformer could be used for a lot of things depending on whats its output voltage is. Can't go wrong with the batteries and heatsinks too, always useful :)
lemonie8 years ago
Do you actually know what's wrong with the thing? What you can do with it depends upon what's bust - test them? L
harlyquin (author)  lemonie8 years ago
no, I'm not sure which part of the circuit board is dead, but I know the batteries still hold a charge. Several transistors look scorched but none of the fuses burned out. truth be told I don't know enough about electrical theory to try to fix something with such a relatively high current. I guess I should go over the components with my multimeter, I'll be back with a list of working parts later. Mostly I just wanted to know if there was anything I could do with the transformer.
I've got several transformers, they're useful as power supplies. Might you have an intact rectifier (black, square 4 pins) or set of 4 diodes? These'll give you a DC power source, and if the batteries are good you have another. L