search engine for instructables?

How come i cant find an instructables search engine that searches an instructables database??
I would certainly use this site alot more, as it is, I dont know If im going to resubscribe.
C'on Instructables!!!!

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kelseymh5 years ago
Look at the right hand end of the tab bar near the top of every single page. Instructables pays Google a fee (I think) to make use of their searching technology to give you results only for Instructables.
I suspect they use Google "for free" in return for all the damned ads....
Why am I always the exploited and never the exploiter. I want to get a penny for every view I generate. OK, how about .1 cent. I would be happy with that. I want to get a piece of the pie instead of being the pie!
Kiteman5 years ago
subtle hint.jpg
Vyger Kiteman5 years ago
I see the Green Arrow has been through, checking for bad guys and evil mutants again.
mh76dk5 years ago
Alternatively you can use another searchengine - I use google in this example but others may provide similiar features. Using inurl (that is short for "in uniform resource locator" in case you wonder) like this (without quotes) " your search words here"
This site USES Google for its search engine !
oh, well i look mighty stupid now then :-)

(in my defence there is still the information on what "URL" means which might be of interest to someone. and how to use INURL)

/me grabs on to thin straw while trying to hide embarrasment

Burf5 years ago
Near the top right corner of this page and on most others, is a search bar. Type in your search item and click Go. On the results page, if you want to narrow your search to the Instructables site only, click on the Graphical search link.