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i have a friend who wants to buy a server to host his minecraft server. does anyone know what kind he should take?ho and he wants to keep the price low.

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It's not a particularly heavy program, so the equivalent of a mid range PC should cope fine. The client at least can only use 4 threads, so a fast dual core should have no issues. Most of the issues appear to come from other applications taking up the bandwidth, so that should be a priority.

Sometimes the server will have moments where it will say it can't keep up, but this is not an issue, and even happens on my i7.

Good luck with the server.
didgitalpunk (author)  The Skinnerz6 years ago
ok thanks for the answer
but what is a thread?
A thread is like a string of instructions that a program has to run. If it can run two threads at once, it will process data twice as fast, so will run twice as fast.

That server is not really the right sort of thing. A core2 based PC would be better suited to the job, with sufficient RAM (no idea how much, 4Gb should be pleanty though) and whatever hard-drive is needed to fit the OS on.

The best thing to do would to run the server application on a PC, under maximum load, and see how much processor/RAM/network usage it takes up, and buy based on that.
didgitalpunk (author)  The Skinnerz6 years ago
ok thanks :)
didgitalpunk (author)  The Skinnerz6 years ago
he wanted to buy a nas to host it but would it work?
this is the link to it
trying to share the link sorry
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lemonie6 years ago

Buying the hosting instead might be a better option?

didgitalpunk (author)  lemonie6 years ago
well i did tell him but he wants to do the hosting himself :(