shocking Idea? can small solar yard light panels be connected to make a small solar panel?

How can I connect these little solar panels from the tops of solar yard lights to make a small panel that might recharge a cell phone or such?

ironsmiter7 years ago
depends on your definition of "small"

Slap enough of them together in series for proper voltage(usually 5 volt in) and you'll get some charging done. Connect enough series together in parallel, to decrease charging times. Connect too many in parallel and you get a toasted phone :-)

You could even push things so far as to get 12 volt and sizeable amperage, and run serious loads, but that's gonna be a BIG pile of solar cells.

To show that it CAN be HERE
but probably not gonna happen with the low-end cells out of a garden light.
steveo_mcg8 years ago
Most of these garden lights only produce about 2v, enough to charge a single nimh cell. To charge your mobile you'd be better using the garden light as is then making a minty boost to get your 5v.
maurice19938 years ago
I guess if you just take the batteries of the lights, and conect it in series and paralel, maybe can get the specs of the batterie you wan to charge, like frollard said, but, I don't know how many you will need to charge a cell phone in reasonable time...(can get hours, or days, depending on conditions)
frollard8 years ago
You can keep the lights intact - they already have a good charging circuit. Hook a few together in series (at the battery) and you'll have an x volt source to power a charging circuit.