should I post an ible for knex pc case???

should I post an ible for knex pc case???

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tech dawg5 years ago
I think you should because I would personally build it but that just me.
canucksgirl5 years ago
This deserves a best answer.
Thanks. :)
Any reference to Kiteman's Laws ought to earn the highest praise in my opinion!
I prefer the newer versions:

I'll have to remember that. ;) Btw, I love the cartoon. :D
That was drawn by Caitlinsdad.
I love all of Caitlinsdad's cartoons!!
I had no idea how many cartoons there were! I just spent a few minutes going through what I found (ie comic writing ible) and had to favorite it and leave a comment. I am also equally impressed with the shear number of instructables that catlinsdad has created. 108 is mind-boggling!!! I didn't realize there were so many members (like Kiteman) with over 100 ibles.

The staff needs to create a new search feature just for those members pages, as the "next" button is clearly insufficient with that many ibles to go through. - WOW!
That's actually a great idea! Even being able to have tabs for different categories within their page would make browsing easier. Going through Canidass 137 Instructables was definitely a good decision, though also a very long task!

You should definitely contact one of the staff and suggest it.
I would like there to be a "view all" option - similar to the "all steps", where you get rows and rows of the thumbnails to scan through.
Thanks Kryptonite & Kiteman, I posted a forum topic so that all the ideas surrounding advanced searches could be brought forth. I'm still rather new here, so I'd like everyone's input, versus just giving mine.
Any time, your input to this website is grand, and it's great to have people like you in the community!
Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I appreciate you saying so. That was very nice of you, and deserved a patch. (It should be on its way to you now). :)
Well Catlinsdad is talented. :)
Burf5 years ago
If you've got it, flaunt it.
nurdee15 years ago
I think you should.

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