shower head runs ( slow steady pace .i turn the knob and it still want shut off.gtinbad change steam or the shower head?

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onrust6 years ago
Starting with the brand name, google it. Then when you find out what type of valve it is, look at home depot. I do not suggest taking it apart first. You may get it apart and may not be able to put it back together. Show a photo of it. this may help you out LOTS due to the several different types and the resulting tools you may need.
iceng6 years ago
Who made the control ? Is it Old ?
Is it a single control ie on / off and temperature ?
If it is a single knob type you may need to replace it.

bbolen (author)  iceng6 years ago
yes its old there is no name brand on it. and yes it is one levet
iceng bbolen6 years ago
Because it is old, be prepared to be forced to buy a replacement once you
tackle the shower.
Most of these things use O ring seals which can be replaced by you - try a plumbing house, and take them the make of the valve, and its general type.

Turn off the water before servicing ......

If there is a second floor you may still get wet :-D