simple project from arduino starter kit?

it must be awesome to show

rickharris4 months ago

So exactly WHAT do you have?

Seems to me if you want awson you need to start a) practicing and b) thinking hard.

Matlek4 months ago

Do you have an ultrasonic sensor hc-sr04 in your starter kit? If yes, I think you can do awesome things with this sensor, mainly because you can interact with you arduino board! And you don't hear it, and don't see it!

For example something really simple and just using the hc-sr04 and 3 LEDs: If an object is far from the sensor, the green LED lights up. If it is close, the red LED lights up. If it is in between, the yellow LED lights up.

Or just use 1 LED and make it blinks faster/slower according to the distance of an object detected by the hc-sr04.

And if you feel more confident, add a LCD screen! Just like in my petanquemeter ;)

Awesome is nice and gives you a better chance of winning a prize, but well written Instructables on even the simplest Arduino projects are needed for beginners to read and learn from.