small plasma cutter?

i got a asmall plasma cutter 110volt. is it possible to make it cut thicker material?? or do i have to use bigger transformers and stuff??
i dont no much about the plasma cutters. was also wondering if i could some how hook it to a lincon 225 stick welder? thanks for any help

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Plasanator6 years ago
Just make one like me. I make em for me and my friends and throw the china crap away. http://theplasmacutterman.com/index.html
lemonie7 years ago
There's not much point in tying to increase the output of what you have, get a bigger one instead, easier, more reliable, safer etc.

monster30 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
thanks the one i got is china junk caint get it to work
Why ? 
Does it cut ? Is it a bump-start like mine ? 

The Chinese TIG I bought is a fantastic unit. The same company do multi-functional TIG/MMA/Plasma too.
monster30 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
it wont cut it is a bump start..so i give it away and ordered a bigger 0ne
I regretted buying my bump-start one too. I hope that you get an HT start instead !

Good luck.