snapper lawn mower clutch?

hey i just bought a used snapper lawn mower 28" cut rear engine 8hp and it has what looks like bicycle handlebars and the clutch seems too sensitive it jerks alot and does huge wheelies in the slowest gear even though its cool it gets to be annoying does anyone know how to adjust it and the model number is 28084s if that helps

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Looking at the manual, I see it is a 90 degree power transfer setup using a flywheel on the engine and a rubber rimmed wheel on the transmission (page 4 diagram). The instructions to adjust the "aggressiveness" of the clutch are on page 6, on the right side between the diagrams.

BIGHAIRYDUDE (author)  Quercus austrina6 years ago
hey how did you find the manual i spent 2hours looking for with no luck but can i ask one more favor since you found the manual can you find an illustrated parts list?
I went directly to Snapper's website and plugged in your mower. Give it a try and see what you can find. I'm away and the hotel computer is dog turd slow, so searching is kinda out of the question.

David976 years ago
I am asuming it is a centrifugal clutch. If you cant see any hole with a screw inside it (may adjuse tension on springs and change the setting) or any screws on the outside look for a clip. Be carefull opening it it may be spring loaded. If you dont understand how they work click here.
BIGHAIRYDUDE (author)  David976 years ago
yeah i know how centrifugal clutches work since i have one on my bike but i looked it up and its a manual disk drive i looked and the only thing to adjust is the cable and i dont think that would do anything