solar powered bird bath heater

Looking for instructions on how to make a simple, inexpensive solar powered heater to keep my bird bath water from freezing in the Winter.

cadia4 years ago
I want one too!
Something like this one looks easy( ish),236/product_name/Solar+Sipper

anyone know how it is constructed?
grundisimo5 years ago
do you want warm water or just un frozen water?
Gorfram5 years ago
My solution to this was to add hot water (just off the boil for making coffee) to the birdbath on truly cold (10-25 F) mornings. If you truly get a lot of strong winter sunlight on freezing winter mornings, the solar heater could work - but check our local climate data for of cloud-free sub-freezing days before you invest too much effort.
ArcticChill5 years ago
If you're really want it to be heated you could do it caveman style, fire. If you can rig a low heat fire to a NONFLAMMABLE bird bath and kept it from over heating of exploding, I suppose it's possible.
mathews5 years ago
Paint the bottom of the bowl black to absorb more sunlight. As lemonie says, you could use a pump, and you could supplement the power for it from the mains when there is not enough from the solar source.
lemonie5 years ago
Moving water is often effective - just run a pump. But if it gets colder than that you might be struggling with solar in winter. "Simple" and "inexpensive" make this a bit difficult L