soldering alternatives - conductive glue, soldering paste ...?


i am looking for a reliable, not-too-expensive alternative
for soldering connections
& found conductive glue/paste products as listed in the following;
i assume that there is nothing that really replaces
soldering but would like to know, if you probably
tested any of these or may recommend a specific
product suitable for "sticking" components onto pcb's

any hint is highly appreciated!

solder paste/solder glue
... based on silver
solder paste
... needs heat to harden out,
cheaper than silver based glue
"Wire Glue"
... does not need heat to harden out,
based on graphite powder,
cheapest of all i found so far
... selfmade, based on graphite powder


"Wire Glue"
... it's consistence might be too brittle,
using additional expoxy might make up with this issue

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anand033 1 year ago

u should use ranjak with soldering wire

anand033 1 year ago


marc_is_curious (author) 6 years ago
thanks for all of your replies! 

so: no powders, liquids, lotions or alike but "the real thing" ?
means i need to focus on soldering (not glueing) for more permanent circuits ...
looks like i will need to get myself more proto boards and practice the hot metal thing.

"crimping" is a good idea - i already tried these *- but never thought of jewellery crimps or "jewellery-based-connections" yet ...
will have a look since it really sounds like a suitable solution for cable connections

Solder paste needs to be melted....just like solder....

There are good reasons why there aren't reallty practical general alternatives to soldering.

framistan6 years ago
Depending on your application... it may work to use jewelery crimping beads to attach wires to each other.. My wife uses small crimping beads to attach wires for bracelet making. Soldering is the best method for anything serious.