some body help me making nutrient solution for my hydroponicplants buying ingredients in local market.?

i am interested in preparing hydroponic nutrient solution for my requirements,so please some body help me in preparing the solution.i want the clear information regarding the micro¯o minerals which should be mixed in what quanties, and the names of the chemicals avilable.

plumber_bob7 years ago
This is just one idea for now. I am still digging for more data and ideas to share with you. My first experiment with hydroponics was kind of a cross between soil gardening and hydroponics. I have never really found this anywhere else but it does work. I suggest that you start small in case there are flaws I haven't seen. I assume you are familiar with DWC, (Deep Water Culture), where the plant is suspended in a nutrient solution, and air is pumped into the solution. What I did, was to actually add good soil into the water. The water was of course chlorine free, and as pure as I could get. Now this mixture will look like a mess, I admit, but the soil will provide the micro nutrients you will need. The amount of soil can vary according to each plants needs. The bubbles of air should be able to mix into the solution well, but if you are using air stones, they may clog more than expected. Other nutrients could include, manure tea,(diluted), or other simple soil fertilizers. I know that this may sound 'different' but this concept has worked for me. Just remember: start small.