space helmet for children need a quick,cheap relatively authentic helmet. Thats easy to make with easily found objects?

Hi people, I need to make about a dozen space helmets for a school production (preps to grade 2 I'm in Australia so not sure what year level that equates to (6-8 year olds) ). I know how to do the suits but need a quick, cheap, relatively authentic helmet. That is easy to make with easily found objects. Thanks to any that can help

jtobako8 years ago
'Relatively authentic' is the difficult part. might help.
rickharris8 years ago
Paper strips and White glue over a suitably sized balloon.
Re-design8 years ago
You might try cheap welders helmets. Take out the dark glass and how you have a view port. Some flashing lights (leds) around the side and some paint and tubes might make a neat looking space helmet. Ebay has some fro 20 buy it now and has some for 20. I've seen them for as little as $12 before but can't seem to find any now.
Get yourself some childrens bicycle or skateboard helmets, spraypaint, and some large plastic soda bottles. Paint the helmets whatever color you want (it may help to scuff them up a bit with sandpaper first). Cut out a large face-shield out of each bottle and tape or hot-glue it onto the front of each helmet. If helmets are too expensive where you are, or you simply can't find enough, try a simple hat.