spinning wires?

i need to run some wires from the axel of my car to my rims, and i need to know how to have it so the wires can spin with the wheels, is there any way to do this?

Slip rings would work well for awhile. The problem would be keeping them clean in that environment unless your car has hollow axles (which I seriously doubt). If you are wanting to transmit some control/sensing signal or a small amount of power to run some LEDs, I suggest inductive coupling.

Many bikes have speed sensors that use a little magnet on one of the wheel and a tiny coil of wire on the frame. The magnet passing by the coil generates a bit of current and that is what the sensing devices measures/counts.

If you would like to power a light on the wheel, you should mount a coil inside the wheel and connect it through a bridge rectifier to a large capacitor. Then use a small voltage regulator to give you clean power to a light. You could put a megnet on the frame of the car so the coil would pass by it, but I would suggest another coil. This way you could control the lights by varying the current in the fixed coil.
Dr.Bill8 years ago
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