spray or paint, rubber car mat?

Im looking for some type of a rubber spray or "paint" that i can use to coat the inside of a car instead of using the traditional floor mat. I would like to coat the floor "buckets" with this rubber so i dont ever have to worry about spills, stains exct. something that i could spray down with a regular hosehold cleaner and wham-o cleans any mess there is. any idea of what I might be looking for??

*handles house hold chems good
*does not melt in summer time!
*does not crack
*does not stink (if its temp because of "fresh paint" then thats okay)
*relatively cheap
*able to paint over carpet

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Re-design5 years ago
Spray on truck bed liner.
fireball9919 (author)  Re-design5 years ago
is it sort of a tar like substance? iv'e never heard of it before
Burf Re-design5 years ago
Exactly what I was thinking.
Re-design5 years ago
spray on bed liner is some sort of plastic that's sprayed on the inside of a picke up bed. It's about 1/16" thick and has kind of a pebbley finish. It's used to take the scratches of a work truck so your bed doesn't look all scratched up and rusty. I have a friend who had his whole off road Jeep sprayed with the stuff, inside and out.
He doesn't have it any more. THat was about 10 years ago. I'll see if he still has any photos. It added about 300-400 lbs to the weight.