still on LM741

the point is i have the IC, and i have a board on which i can mount it.the question is which pin do i connect to what resistor and to what pin

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orksecurity7 years ago
Websearch "LM741 spec sheet" for information about what pin does what and probably some pointers to sample applications.
seandogue7 years ago

pin 1, no connect
pin 2 inv input
pin 3 non-inv input
pin 4 negative supply (and by negative, I MEAN negative)
pin 5 no connect
pin 6 output
pin 7 positive supply
pin 8 no connect

for a simple inverting buffer connect a 1 k resistor between pins 2 & 6, connect a 1 k resistor between pin 2 and your source, connect pin 3 to com, and supply with +-10 - +- 15VDC.
that is, +-10v to +- 15V
rickharris7 years ago
you need a) the data sheet so you know what pin is what and b) by the looks of it a better understanding of what the LM741 can do and is. This is easy to find on line for such a common IC - As Steve says what are you trying to do?
What are you trying to make !