stop feral cats from urinating and defacating in yard?

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Mr. E Meat5 years ago
Two words: Sentry Gun
nurdee15 years ago
Well if they are the neighboors cats you can't be to tough on them so I would recommend a water pistol, scaring them with bottle rockets, or maybe a BB gun.

If they really are ferral you can bring out the big stuff ie shotgun, bazooka, contaqct explosive, flash bang grenade, ect ect ect.
canucksgirl5 years ago
Are they doing their "business" in your flower beds, or somewhere else (like a sandy area under a deck? Quite often cats (feral or not), will mark their neighborhood in areas that are sandy (because its like a litter box). If so, you can try laying down some decorative rocks. They won't like walking on them (as much as sand or soil), and will likely move on to another neighbor and leave your yard alone.
Vyger5 years ago
How do you know they are feral?
What is drawing them to your yard?
Do you have neighbors close by?
Is it just a tom who is trying to stake out his area?

Do your investigation and be knowledgeable before you take any action. You would feel pretty bad if you shot out an eye of a neighbors cat because you thought it was "feral".
If the cats are hunting there its probably because you have an infestation of mice or something else, that you don't know about.
A third of the population of Europe died from the Black plague which was spread by an overpopulation of mice and rats which was the result of people killing the cats because someone started a superstition that cats were evil and the spawn of the devil. Millions of people died because of that.
So find out what they are doing and what they are attracted to before you decide to just eliminate them.
And there is always the problem of liability.

A person down the highway from me got upset that someones horse had gotten loose and it ended up in his front yard. This guy already had a reputation for shooting stray animals. Anyway he shot the horse in the rump with buckshot to run it off his lawn. Well he got sued big time for it. In addition to the criminal charges they filed against him he had to pay for the vet bill, which was not small and other damages as well. He ended up having to sell the property and move to cover the cost of the damages levied against him.
If it ain't your's don't shoot it.
blkhawk Vyger5 years ago
I agree with Vyger. Something is drawing this cats to your yard. Probably one of your neighbors is feeding them or there is some prey in your yard. Just chase them with water if they become too troublesome.
lemonie5 years ago
No, leave the animals alone.

thegeeke5 years ago
I like Burf's suggestion, but a BB gun works well too! (Don't mess around with airsoft though...) ;)
Burf5 years ago
One word; rottweiler.
rickharris5 years ago
It is said they don't like citrus peel - So orange and lemon/lime peel will deter them. Otherwise catch them with a water pistol.