strong electromagnets that repel each other?

I have two electromagnets already but they aren't strong enough to really push each other. I've read mixed things online about electromagnets that repel being very weak. I would like to build something like a shock absorber with a electromagnet at each end so when their is a load on the shock absorber the electromagnet can push back and stiffen. Any ideas on this would be awesome, i've spent a lot of hours researching online already but cant seem to find good info. 


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Jan_Henrik3 years ago

Can you post some pictures of the Magnets and more data please, I would like to know the Voltage and current, also if you use a Ferrit core or not... :)

chrisack (author)  Jan_Henrik3 years ago

Two DC electromagnets, the specs are:

5.5 lbs of lifting force

12vdc, 3 watts continuous duty

Im not sure of the core?

photo 11.jpgphoto 22.jpgphoto 33.jpg

Okay, interresting. These looke kind of strong... If they arent strong enought, the use neodym magnets, they are very strong!

You can attach a very strong permanent magnet at one end and make a electromagnet at the other. The power necessary for the electromagnet will be minimised by this.

chrisack (author) 3 years ago

Is it even possible to make two electromagnets repel each other from a 1/2 inch distance gap between the two?


yes - in principle. see my other post - current, core and distance all effect the repultion

rickharris3 years ago

You will actually get a better result from neodymium permanent magnets. Much greater flux density.

To increase the efficiency of th electromagnets you need a good iron core, a healthy winding of wire, as much current flowing as the wire will stand and a minimal gap between the magnets. All these things effect the strength of the magnetic field.