subaru engine swap?

hey guys, currently just a hypothetical but wandering what issues i would be likely to encounter dropping the engine of an impreza wrx into a 93 brumby ? also thinking of the transmition?

canucksgirl6 years ago
Hi there, I know this isn't answering your question, but after reading this article a while ago about an 87 Brumby vs a Porsche 993, I have to ask why you'd want to "hypothetically" swap the engine?

We haven't had the Subaru Brumby in North America for sometime, so I personally don't know a lot about it.
milamber (author)  canucksgirl6 years ago
The Wrx engine is far more powerfull and cant take allot more modification, iv read I beileve iv read the article and I hunk youl find that the brumby is running a Wrx sti flat four engine