submiting my work (cant find it) please help!!!!?

i can tfind my work that i posted. what did i do wrong. i clicked submit at the top of the screen of this web site

Its called Zangetsu-prop

Jayefuu5 years ago
It's not showing up because you haven't published it yet, it's still unpublished.

Go to your "You" page, click "Instructables", click "Unpublished", click your unpublished instructable, then click publish. Choose a category and add some keywords and then click publish again. Only then will it be visible on the site as at the moment it's still classed as a work in progress.
Foam-Smith (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
thank you so much. You helped a lot. it published thanks to your instructions. again thank you.!!! please by all means check my work. I will have even more up down the road
frollard5 years ago
Often when you post a new ible it takes a while to show up on the main site -- it should show up on your 'you' page under your posted instructables.