suggestion for power supply ( DIY laptop cooler fan )?

I'm working to make a DIY laptop cooler fan.. the problem is I don't know which power supply to use ( not USB ). I already have 3 different fan, which is, 1 using 12v ( mo/bo fan I guess ) , 1 using 5v and 1 also using 5v but it has 3 fan.. both this 5v fan from broken cooler stand.. only the fan still working.. right now.. i'm using my Nokia charger  with a little modification( OMG.. I don't what will happen next ) but the 12v fan is not functioning.. which ' size ' of power supply I must use if I want to operated all this fan by using one power supply only.. please help..

I'm sorry, my English very sucks~ I admit :-(

76543216 years ago
I used to have a laptop cooler fan that ran on USB. It should have plenty of power to run the 5v fans.
Re-design6 years ago
Fans consume so little power that all you need to worry about is to get the voltage right. So pick the one that will be easiest to mount.
+1. It should draw much less current than most power supplies, including usb.