tesla coil grounding?

I am building a tesla coil, the first i have ever built. I know that one side of the secondary coil is supposed to be grounded (the other side being the donut). Problem is, i am not clear where to ground it to. The ground socket on the wall outlet? a nail stuck in the ground? the negative terminal on the first transformer? I'd like to have this straightened out.

Picture of tesla coil grounding?
crashbash8 years ago
you have many options where you can ground it, just like comhippy said if you use the ground in your house it will destroy and appliance with a lower voltage then the coil (basically everything) but you can connect it to a pole and stick it into actual dirt, or you can have come fun with it, try sticking the ground wire in a bananna or somthing (please dont use anything alive)
jamilm98 years ago
eather the ground in the wall of a metal pole that is stuck a few feet into the ground.
Not the wall, It would fry everything in the house.
jamilm98 years ago
btw if your using a nst make sure you ground the case of that