that piece is this? (image, electronics)

Well, I wonder what electronics part is that I have, seems to be an integrated circuit progamavel, found her in a radio circuit.
  It is written:
And I would like to know how to search on the internet specific parts like this

Picture of that piece is this? (image, electronics)
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kelseymh3 years ago

Google is your friend. Put each line from the chip into Google search. The first line won't get you useful information. The second line will get you data sheets which describe what the chip does and how to use it.

ualbuquerque (author)  kelseymh3 years ago

very thanks

I buy most of my parts here:

Radio shack (The Source in Canada).

And certain electronics stores when I am on a day trip to the city.

I get datasheets from Mouser and these sights:

Some of the datasheet sights suggest buyers.

Beyond that google “S1A0426CO2-SO for sale”.


petercd3 years ago

Just paste the info into google, download and open the pdf datasheet.

The S1A0426C02 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for
radio cassette tape recorders, clock radios and headphone

The out of focus pics are pointless, if you cant read them neither can we.

iceng petercd3 years ago

Yes,..... Pointless !!!