the box wont pop up?

plz help me

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seandogue15 days ago

You may have popup boxes disabled in your browser.

iceng seandogue15 days ago


rickharris17 days ago

I am guessing you cut the red wire. Mistake It is always the Blue wire.

iceng17 days ago

Again my crystal ball is being serviced (Rejuvenation Polish) so as much as I want to help you Mak7 ... I can not read your mind about your non popping Box material...

Do tell us a little more information.. Is it a box of worms or the hand switch toy ?

You got to be verbose here !!

A little more information about the context of this, "box", would be helpful to the those of us reading this forum, and trying to guess at what you are asking about.

All we know so far is you have a box, that will not pop up...

Is the box a text box, or a window, in the computing sense?

Is the box, a puzzle box?

Is the box part of a pop-up book,

that you are reading?

First you need to feed the nipple through the flap.
Then turn the crank all the way up.
Once it clicks the box will open.

Don't forget the larger of the two sprockets.

Wasn't that to close the box?
Guess it all depends on the size of the feet for the box and in which direction they face during the brightest moment of sunset.