the next new knex gun ideas?

i was just wondering, what type of new knex gun would you have to make to be a 'Knex god'. i mean there doesn't seem to be any more things we can do other than model guns or maybe a Rocket propelled grenade (which would be hard). can someone help for ideas of a mech - not a model of a gun, something that we dont have anyform of.

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Oblivitus8 years ago
Go to my Knex Concepts instructable. All of the answers are there.
i have made an mg42 n mg3
cupcake437 years ago
how about a knex bazooka :)
barrax (author)  cupcake437 years ago
try I_Am_Canadian's cannons

as close as we're gonna get...
Meh, We are still waiting for powerful semi auto mechs...
ahem mine shoots 30 ft
Mines shoots 15 ish. =/

Sling or true semi auto?
no everything you make sucks none of yer guns get 2ft
Good for you, people have seen it though.
Whats that supposed to mean? People see alot of things, because most people have eyes.
Seen IT, your comment was about MY gun, so IT clearly means MY gun. If you're gonna act smart, do it right.
well i mean people have seen your gun, and people have seen my guns so what im saying is that it is obvious
It's obvious that my gun shoots 15 feet? I know it is.
chain its the 222
Oooh, that, I thought you meant a new one soon to be posted, bad thing is, yours needs the rams pulling back after the 4 shots, but its a V. Good idea.
4? mine has like 20 on a chain
Ohh, still, you still need to pull back 20 rams, but you do get the advantage of getting 20 far shots fired in quick succession.
Ahem I mean real semi auto.
barrax (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
i forgot to say, other than improving the range of existing types.
Yes, we need new mechanisms.
like mine go check out my slideshows
i made a semi auto, didnt post yet, but its an RBG
True semi?
u pull the trigger, an rb comes out, u pull the trigger again, and another rb comes out, and it holds about 12 rb's, i posted a forum thing, so check out my account, i modded the gun shown a tid-bit, i made it thicker, and have a stock. but yes, true semi, but a LONG reloading time...
Fake semi then, because you need to reload. But still coolio.
u ever see rocket power wen u were younger? cuz in an episode of it (the 1 were the "shoobies" take the kids' "lingo") the dad ses that wen he was young he made up a word that was so cool that it never caught on "coolaroonay".
Yes, I saw that episode years ago, but what does that have to do with anything?
nothing really, just remebered it... good memories...
good. But coolio is widely used.
barrax (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
that is true semi auto - you have to reload after the "mag" iis emptied.
Its a matter of opinion. You need to reload the power scorce.
Well, with rbgs, the rubberband is both the power source and bullet. Kinda hard to tell.
Yeah, because real ammunition are the power source and the bullet too...
ooooh owned
barrax (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
point. p.s. you have mail. check your inbox.
ive got a rocket propelled grenade but it is still being tested it fire out the barrel of tube type gun
barrax (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
cool. i really would like to see a PROPER minigun as well, thinking about it.
look up ironman63's minigun sorry if its the wrong name an easy way to build a minigun is to have the rotating barrels pull a chain
barrax (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
i said PROPER. the bullets in his minigun don't shoot down the barrels. they just shoot out the box.
smaller pull area fires bullets through the barrel
knexsniper18 years ago
i think that a good idea would be a working semi auto gun, or a full auto that doesn't require a motor.
like mine!!!
my full auto dosent use a motor.
where is it?
sorry for late reply, but it is one of my forum topics.
i saw it. its good, but the only thing i wasn't too fond of was the fact that it doesnlt look to much like a gun, or that it shoots rubberbands. other than that, great idea!
ive made a new version its blue rod thickness. still fires rb's but it looks like a gun.
sweet! can you post it? i think that i may be able to mod it to shoot bullets not rubberbands.
barrax (author)  knexsniper18 years ago
and how do we do that?
You could make a mounted machine gun powered by barbell weights, I tried that before, it is possible, but very very hard to do.
barrax (author)  Oblivitus8 years ago
barbell weights? explanation?
I made a modified version of extreme builders machine gun mech and tried powering it by using barbell weights to repeatedly cock the gun as they fell with gravity by attaching them to a spinning rod that pulls the ram back, the design needs to be very sturdy to hold up the weight though.
barrax (author)  Oblivitus8 years ago
oh, cool. but if the barbell weights have enough force to pull the rod back, you're gonna have a lot of fiddling to do if the elastic band doesn't have enough force to fire it at the correct point.
That's not really a problem, stability of the gun and its mechanisms so that it can uphold the weight is the only major difficulty, it would work the same as extreme builders machine gun (plus a trigger) only with weights.
i have a couple ideas, but i want to test them out first. not everyone has a motor, i have one, but it is missing one important gear. but trust me, there are ways to do that, and it would be powerful to. with a motor, it is restricted because the ram can only be as powerful as the motor is able to pull back. but i have some ideas.
KillerPanda8 years ago
Hmmmmm... Something along the lines of a pump-action crossbow with a magazine with gray rod bolts with red connectors on the end that is powerful and reliable. The mechanism could be something like the pump pivots the arms back and thus getting the rubber band hooked on the trigger, then pushes them back into place. It would be difficult in knex, but the result would be quite awesome.
i made a repeating crossbow its on my slideshow called some of my new guns ignore the other one
We need Powerfull full auto's, (M249)
i have one
Perfect duck's cyclone, per chance?
barrax (author)  CrazyCHRIS!!8 years ago
ya, i see ya, but it wouldn't take much - just a lot of pieces, some oodalumps style chains, a solid cage and a powerful motor
Which is SOOOO much harder than it sounds!
barrax (author)  Oblivitus8 years ago
not really. i made an M1919, but i didn't have enough pieces to finish the long barrel.
I've built a true bolt action sniper does that count?
give me a pic, so I can destroy it with my AR-4 v3!
your pic
Looks like a boxier version of the AR-4 v3 to me.
not as boxy as you think. i have a forum topic with better pics
it has more power than a killerk pistol with the same amount of bands. by the way what sort of bolt action is the ar-4 v3 my sniper uses a dual pin bolt
barrax (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
yeah, but is it really a truue bolt action?! bolt actions have to actually twist tio pick up 1 bullet from a clip - yes, a CLIP - hidden in the back. if it doesn't HAVE to twist, i wouldn't consider it true bolt action. doesnt twist but you pull the bolt back which pulls the pin back then push it foward loading the bullet into the firing chamber
barrax (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
i would say its not totally true.
meh its true enough for me. ps im planning on making it the sniper in project firestorm
barrax (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
but its already been done before...
it uses a few very new very clever ideas enough said
hrey wow i made one
dynno978 years ago
Im waiting for someone to make rubber bands go through carboard.
barrax (author)  dynno978 years ago
you need something more solid than a rubber band, to pierce card...
dynno97 barrax8 years ago
It could be possible... in time... just have to keep trying
barrax (author)  dynno978 years ago
I don't think it would be possible without a bit of knex on the band (was it the dunkis that put that Ible up)?!
DJ Radio8 years ago
It seems to me that in order to be a knex god, you have to make something really big and uses a lot of parts (like the Knexsayer or the IAC cannon)
barrax (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
i've built the knexsayer, but i got bored with it. Now i play on cod 5 and 4 more than i do knex XD
alfpwns barrax8 years ago
Xbox, PS3 or PC?
I don't intend to sound stalker-ish, but it says on his profile what his PSN thingamabob is, so he has a PS3. So do I! YAY! They are so awesome!
Booo, come back to instructables.... starts chanting: one of of of of of of of us... lol.
barrax (author)  Oblivitus8 years ago
XD well i might tell someone. KS??? starts thinking to self " should i reveal it now??? "
I have no idea what you are talking about, but spill it!
barrax (author)  Oblivitus8 years ago
knexsniper18 years ago
Hey Barrax, i think that i MAY have an idea, but im not sure. you want to collaberate on it? if it works, then it will shoot pretty far and powerfully.
barrax (author)  knexsniper18 years ago
ooooh. ok. tell me!!!!!!!! i'll collab.
i friend of me maybe can buildt a mg42 , mg34 . i shall ask him about if he wants to buildt he is pretty good in knex
barrax (author)  hardcoremaniac8 years ago
i'm talking about new ideas, not new guns. Sure an MG42 is great (and especially if you can fit the chain in the wheel without it going off, then even better), but I wanted to know new ideas, like a type of trigger that can make a firing rod gun shoot automatically, or something.
Louis the XIV has a nice full auto mechanism (he calls it a semi auto), it would be very hard to implement it in a gun with a semi or full auto trigger however.
ok now i know what u mean.
oh you mean full auto. thats awesome but difficult to build. maybe you can build a bb gun mechanisem inside of it.
barrax (author)  hardcoremaniac8 years ago
i mean new ways of firing, not just full auto.
stale568 years ago
i have about 3 failed attempts at a slide action gun with a hopper, its based off of a block trigger gun, it just has a slide, but thats what i've been working on...
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