there is not a category for my instructable!?

i am doing a instructable  with golf balls but there isn't a category for golf balls or sports or anything like that.
i was thinking it was probably something like life hacks but i have no idea. help please?

Mike736 years ago
You can put it into a category which you think will suit your project and also suggest a new category at the same time if there's no perfect match for the project yet.
I had this happen to me, too.
kelseymh6 years ago
Hmmm, weird. I just did a search for "sports", and apparently there is (or was?) a channel Outside : Sports.

That channel does not show up in the pull down menus, and when I look at the I'bles listed on the link they appear to not even have a channel at all! That makes me think I'bles Staff dropped the "Sports" channel entirely.

It would be great if you created a Forum topic (in Help : Feedback) discussing this.
yokozuna kelseymh6 years ago
At one time, it was a homepage channel, before the reconfiguration. I too, can now find no trace of it.
Kiteman6 years ago
There is a "play" category, and you don't *have* to put it in a particular channel.

As Mike73 said, you get a chance to suggest a channel when you publish the project. If enough people suggest the same category, then HQ will add it.