thinking about building amphibious electric trike?

hello everybody, I was thinking the other day about converting my cheap-a$$ chinese trike to be electric and amphibious... the idea being to have a floor of metal plate and metal plates all around so that it could float, and perhaps foldable outriggers... gas pedal, motorcycle wheels. 2 motors for the wheels, and another to power the prop. what do you guys think of the idea? would it work? thanks!

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Kiteman6 years ago
Huge tyres.

beijing2013 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
such and front tires off a motorcycle, or car tires?
Tractor tyres. The back ones.
framistan6 years ago
I thought the trike i built was the GOOFIEST thing i ever did. If you build yours, you will have me beat for sure. Mine was built using 2 old GIRLS bikes, and an office-chair to sit on. My family still laugs about it. Picture uploaded because i know nobody will believe unless you see it. The bike was about 4 inches too short to ride comfortably. So we threw it away and someone grabbed it.
beijing2013 (author)  framistan6 years ago
i like that... (runs to garage, checks for availability of 2 bikes)
metal would not be your best choice. i would try to do something inflatable with an on-board small air compressor to inflate it before you go into water, something like the old chitty-chitty-bang-bang movie if you've ever seen it.
rickharris6 years ago
Think LIGHT weight.