the celestial position of the of earth with rotation and revelations in comparsison sun brings us to the calendar and clock each MOMENT as a second is struck by the second hand what times is it for the entire earth and is this asking the earths horoscope as in the year of the dragon ect ect?

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verence4 years ago
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Vyger4 years ago
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Vyger4 years ago
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It appears this question was a waste of time.
rickharris4 years ago
Time is purly a human construct. As such there can not be a "universal time".

The measurement of the passage of time is just a human convenience seconds, hours have no more meaning than arbitrary measurements of length - Is a millimetre different to an inch?

Vyger4 years ago
Clocks, calendars, and years are mans inventions. The earth predates man by a few billion years. The earth keeps its own time, we are irrelevant to it. Any "year of" thinking is also irrelevant to the earth. The earth predates all spirtism and things like horoscopes, those are irrelevant to it also.

There is one fact that is true, all time is relative. Each and every part of the universe has its own time. The earth is not the center of the universe and the 24 hour day and 365 day year has no relevance to any of the rest of the universe. To believe that your (or anyone's) thinking and beliefs has an impact on the rest of the universe is the height of arrogance and presumptuousness.

Everything in the universe is in motion, every atom, every particle, every rock and planet. And they are all moving relative to one another. Those motions are determined by the laws of the universe and the randomness of the expression of energy that each bit of matter has. There is no special alignment as no one alignment of everything is ever repeated. The earth and the solar system moves through the galaxy so each year it is in a different place, which means that every moment is both the first and last in terms of everything's relationship to everything else.

With that knowledge (Something that ancient philosophers and founders of mystic religions never possessed) it becomes obvious that the thinking that any position of anything is more significant than any other moment and position is just dumb because nothing is ever in the same place at the same time ever again.  For the beliefs in horoscopes to make any sense at all things would have to be repeating over and over in the universe in terms of how everything aligns with everything else. And that would have to include the position of all the light that is traveling around that we see which is billions of years old.

So you see, every moment is a new moment, never to be repeated and every positioning of everything is new also, once again never to be repeated. Thus no one position or moment or both can be any more significant than any other moment. The people who dreamed this stuff up were ignorant of how the universe works and were overly impressed with their opinion of themselves.