to all People that play farmville.?

Why do you play it?
you do realise the animals on it are not real?

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led2357 years ago
 Farmville is so stupid.
plain and simple
amando96 (author)  led2357 years ago
 Yay, someone that agrees!
If it's so stupid, don't play it.
RANDOMUS3R7 years ago
 What does this have to do with animals, Farmville is a game for people to enjoy, also a good source of funds for Zynga... Really I don't think people who play Farmville care what you think. If they enjoy it don't expect them not to untill they master it, or get bored.             THIS WAS ALL SAID IN THE MOST RESPECTABLE WAY I CAN THINK OF...   ;-)
Most people I know that play it are only out to "level up" faster than their friends. It's a competitive thing.  Their addiction or interest has nothing to do with the actual farming aspect of the game.

Plus, you don't need to play it anymore. There is a bot out there to play it for you:

i used to play farmtown.i quit long ago.
lemonie7 years ago
Assuming this is a Facebook thing?
I know of someone who boasted of being allowed to do other user's farms as a favour and levelling them up a lot (like she was way better at it than them, or maybe just comitted more time)...

paganwonder7 years ago
What is reality?
That's funny... the animals say the same thing about you.
Re-design7 years ago
What?  You're kidding aren't you?  YOu mean those animals aren't really on a farm in Kansas?

I'm shocked and appalled!